You Are Anderlecht. We Are Anderlecht.

In 'You Are Anderlecht. We Are Anderlecht.' we share the story of some of our unique season ticket holders. Truly amazing purple stories, like there are so many in our stadium, where you as well are part of. Watch the first part of this three-part series here to find out more about Remi (W16), our oldest season ticket holder and member of our club since 1947.

The series ‘You are Anderlecht. We are Anderlecht.’ was created to kick off the renewal period for our current season ticket holders, in which we ask you and all other season ticket holders to support our club again unconditionally, just like you did in all the previous seasons. Our fans are the common thread in all the success we achieved together so far.

All info regarding the season tickets for the 2019-2020 season can be found on

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Exactly 100 days ago, Vincent Kompany hung up his boots and became the manger of RSC Anderlecht. About time for an interview with some rather critical experts, the Anderlecht U10 thought.