"I’ll always thank him first before I say hi"

Coach Vincent Kompany opens up about that “Agüeroooo”-goal after Kun’s early retirement from football. 

"I’ll say this about that moment when he scores that 'Agüeroooo'-goal. I’ve said this before, but before the game, he comes up to me and says: ‘Listen Vincent, don’t worry about today, this is my moment.' The game before that, against Newcastle, Yaya Touré told me about the same thing. He said: 'Vincent, you go ahead and do the headers and all of the dirty work. Newcastle is mine.' And he scored two goals in that game. Then we go into the game against QPR and Kun (Aguëro) says the same thing to me. The great players, they know."

"So he starts the game and during 93 minutes I ask myself: 'what was he talking about? He was the worst player on the pitch and he told me he was going to make the difference.' He didn’t do a lot that day and I already told myself I was going to talk to him after the game. Until he still managed to get that goal after the 93rd minute that is now so famous as the ‘Agüerooo’-goal. That tells you everything: he’s just that kind of player, they always believe in themselves and that they’re going to make the difference. And then they do. That’s just something unique. And that’s why he is a legend. That’s why, whenever I see him, I will always say ‘thank you’ before I say ‘hi’."

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