User Agreement

These general terms and conditions apply to the digital services offered by RSC Anderlecht to its fans and visitors.

Here you will find further information about payment conditions, liability, delivery of your goods, processing of personal data and more.

By clicking on the link below, you can download the general terms and conditions in PDF format. Since RSC Anderlecht reserves the right to change these conditions, we advise you to visit this page regularly in order to always consult the latest version.

Download document (Last update: 02/05/2023)

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Addedum of 04-11-2022

"The collection and/or transmission and/or production and/or dissemination of any information or data regarding match developments, conduct or any other factor in any game, or any kind of recording of any audio, video or audio-visual material in any game (whether by use of electronic devices or otherwise) for the purposes of any form of betting, gambling or commercial activities that have not been authorised in advance or for any other purposes that violate these terms and conditions, is strictly forbidden at the Stadium, except where authorisation or permission is expressly granted by the Pro League and the Club. Mobile phones may only be used for personal, private use. In the event of a breach of these terms and conditions, visitors may be refused access to or removed from the Stadium."