An optimal return of player data thanks to Opteamal


The use of data and statistics has played a leading role in modern soccer in recent years. Top footballers are monitored very closely, more than ever players are expected to be at their absolute best physically. The more clubs know about their players, the better they can guide them.

“We create a digital twin of each player and generate exactly the overviews and analysis that are important to lead a team.” - Bram Vanhees, Opteamal

This results in a gigantic amount of data. And this is where Opteamal's role starts. RSC Anderlecht recently started working with the start-up from Leuven to integrate all the different data sources on one platform. Opteamal brings all data about the players together in one place and is thus a great added value for the physical and medical staff.

“Thanks to Opteamal, all player data comes together in one place. This allows us to personalize our training schedules in a targeted and substantiated way.” - Bram Geers, physical coach RSC Anderlecht

The big advantage of working with Opteamal is the possibility of personalization. There are many alternatives on the market to analyze data, but what was missing until now was a customized solution. The club can specify what they want to measure and monitor and what they ultimately want to do with the results. Opteamal then develops the technology that collects all the desired data and provides the right insights. The sporting expertise lies with the club and the coaches, Opteamal brings in the technical knowledge. This creates an intensive interaction. 

"Opteamal converts all of our medical and performance data directly into actionable information." - Josephine Knipschild, Performance Data Analyst

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