[SOLD OUT] Sale of Lotto Park's former lamps


Update: After Mauve+ Gold members were given priority, the lights sold out in an hour and a half. You can sign up for a waiting list at the bottom of this page. You will then be contacted if a lamp becomes available.

Get a historic piece of RSCA in your home.

At the end of last year, the club revamped the entire lighting installation at Lotto Park. The traditional gas-discharge lamps were replaced by more modern LED lights that provide an even better match experience with spectacular lighting effects. In addition, the lamps are more economical and the pitch can be fully lit by the solar panels on the stadium roof.

About a hundred former lamps are now on sale for 100 euros each. As a MAUVE fan, this is your chance to get a unique lamp back home that has highlighted Sporting's finest moments at the Park.

Although the lamps are still working, they are primarily intended as decoration or collector's items. As a matter of fact, the lamps were not designed for connection to a residential electricity network.


Mauve+ Gold members have priority until Monday 4 March.
From Tuesday at 10am, sales will be open to all supporters.

Only 100 lights are available, so be quick.