“We just have to look at ourselves now”

On Sunday, RSC Anderlecht will visit KRC Genk, the current number seven. Coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck talked about the match in Limburg.

"I saw progress in La Manga", Vanhaezebrouck stated. "We talked about the mental resilience the group has to show. If some guys can bring something extra to push the lads who are struggling, then you can make progress."

"The match against KRC Genk will be important, but every result is important at this stage. We are starting a series of nine matches and we have to do as well as possible in all of them. I already said that we should not focus on the others now. We just have to look at ourselves and our own position on the league table. We are currently third, not far behind on the second, so that has to be our next goal. And then we will see where we are, after those nine games. I want to win them all, but I realize that it is not realistic to want to take 27 out of 27 points. We will try and become stronger in all areas with this group, so that we will have made the necessary progress before the start of the play-offs. Because of those play-offs, a lot is still possible, in most European competitions, the winner is already known by now. It will not be easy if Club Brugge keeps on going like they have been, it has been a long time since a Belgian team has taken that many points."

Vanhaezebrouck also talked about the situation of Emilio Ferrera, who is said to be a possible assistant coach of Michel Preud'homme in Bordeaux. "I would regret him leaving, because Emilio is doing a great job. I’ve already talked to him about it, but it is his choice of course. From his rich experience as first coach, he can definitely offer a lot to the youngsters. He knows his stuff and can prepare young players for the real deal."

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