Your player of the season: Sergio Gómez

Last week, fans of Sporting were able to vote on their best moments of the 21/22 season.

Which players made you come to the stadium? Who scored the best goal? Which save was the most impressive? And who gave the best assist? Discover the results below.

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Player of the season

  1. Sergio Gómez 
  2. Joshua Zirkzee
  3. Josh Cullen

Female player of the season

  1. Tessa Wullaert
  2. Laura De Neve
  3. Stefania Vatafu & Sarah Wijnants

Goal of the season

  1. Joshua Zirkzee vs. KAS Eupen
  2. Francis Amuzu vs. Club Brugge
  3. Joshua Zirkzee vs. Seraing

Save of the season

  1. H. Van Crombrugge vs. OH Leuven
  2. H. Van Crombrugge vs. Club Brugge
  3. H. Van Crombrugge vs. KRC Genk

Assist of the season

  1. Sergio Gómez vs. KV Oostende
  2. Joshua Zirkzee vs. KV Mechelen
  3. Joshua Zirkzee vs. R Antwerp FC

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