Financial solution for RSCA

The capital increase that RSCA desperately needs to secure the future of our beloved club, has been officialised this morning.

Our main shareholder Marc Coucke will write off the club's debts and has also participated in the capital increase of 42 million euros in total. A substantial part of that amount comes from Mauvavie ('purple for life'), through which Anderlecht-president Wouter Vandenhaute and Geert Duyck want to support RSC Anderlecht. Steven Buyse and Michael Lavrysen, two supporters of purple & white, invest in the club as well.

Amongst the minority shareholders, Michael Verschueren and Johan Beerlandt decided to sell their shares in the club to main shareholder Marc Coucke. Michael Verschueren will remain a member of the board together with Etienne Davignon. Johan Beerlandt will continue to support the club as a front row supporter.

The restructuring of the debts and the 42 mio € fresh capital will allow for RSC Anderlecht to become a financially healthy club again. Today, the club is taking up that challenge under the leadership of our new CEO, Peter Verbeke. The spirit that was introduced in the past year and a half in the sports department, will be the leading principle in the whole of the club.

Finally, Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht wants to explicitly thank its supporters, partners and shareholders for their trust, patience and unwavering belief in our story. Today, we look forward to the future with confidence, together.


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