Only official ticket resale for RSCA - Club: RSCA Resale

RSCA Resale

This Friday at 10am, the very last tickets for the home match against Club Brugge, on Sunday 19th of May, will go on sale. These are the tickets of season ticket holders who cannot attend the game and have offered their seats for sale through RSCA Resale, the club's official resale platform.. The club would like to stress that there will only be a very limited number of tickets available.

RSCA Resale is the only official platform still offering tickets for Sunday's game. The club is aware that tickets are being offered on other platforms, but is making every effort to actively track down these illegal sales and cancel the corresponding tickets. Supporters who purchase tickets through channels other than the club's risk being scammed. 

The club also opened a hotline for supporters who become victims of scams or wish to report the resale of tickets through other platforms.


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