Plan 2020-2025

Plan 2020-2025: Our very own youth first. New chairman. More financial decisiveness.

Karel Van Eetvelt, CEO of Anderlecht, has prepared the plan "RSCA 2020 - 2025" and will submit it on Tuesday to the club board for approval. This plan should allow Sporting Anderlecht to return to its glorious past. Van Eetvelt has developed it in the last few months, in close collaboration with Vincent Kompany and external advisor Wouter Vandenhaute.

"In youth we trust" remains the core value on which RSCA wants to build its success. Neerpede is more than ever the beating heart of the club and wants to bring the next Vincent Kompany, the next Romelu Lukaku and the next Youri Tielemans into the first team to achieve success.

The club’s best talents that have already made a splash this season will also shine next season in the Lotto Park and the sports staff will also be looking for targeted reinforcements. In the meantime, additional resources have been earmarked for this purpose.

The current chairman, Marc Coucke, fully supports Van Eetvelt's plan and wants to give the new management full scope. He has therefore decided to resign as chairman, but remains an ambitious main shareholder through his investment company Alychlo.

Coucke has asked advisor Wouter Vandenhaute to take over his role ; as the new chairman, Vandenhaute can thus fully steer the team surrounding Van Eetvelt. As a result, Vandenhaute is selling his shares in the agency Let's Play. He also undertakes to invest in Anderlecht, as does Vincent Kompany, who will remain in Anderlecht after 2022 as well. Together with Vandenhaute, Kompany wants to bring Anderlecht back to the top.

The plan "RSCA 2020 - 2025" will also bring Sporting Anderlecht back to financial health in the short term. Together with Vincent Kompany and Wouter Vandenhaute, the current shareholders will release the necessary means for this. At the Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, the management will ask for a mandate to develop the financial details in the coming weeks.