"We want to keep performing well"

Thursday evening, RSC Anderlecht will be hosting Antwerp at the Lotto Park. After Sunday's 0-4 victory at the Bosuil, RSC Anderlecht can ensure third place by taking all three points against Antwerp.   

"All teams in the Champions' play-offs can be in another reality within 24 hours", coach Vincent Kompany said at the press conference the day before the match. "We are already on our guard, I can only expect that Antwerp's experienced players will want to show a reaction tomorrow. Our lesser games in the cup final and against Union were also a tipping point: we are now in the Champions' play-offs and we want to continue to show who we are. Nothing less than that." 

The coach was also asked about the defensive stability in the squad. "We had to rebuild the squad at the beginning of the season, and then it's only logical that in the early stages you have to deal with a blow now and then. But towards the end of the season -, that defensive stability has indeed grown. It was the same last season. Given my past as a player, I will never allow a team that I coach to play weakly defensively. But these things take time as well.” 

The coach ended with a message to the fans. "I'm not concerned with third or fourth place. Whether it's against Antwerp or Union: we play at home, I want to go for the win, in an atmospheric stadium with the support of our fan." 

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