RSCA in agreement with Marc Coucke

The Board of Directors has studied all received offers. After this examination, they have unanimously decided to negotiate exclusively with Mr. Marc Coucke.

This agreement includes that a number of shareholders will remain to secure the club’s embedding.

The goal is to conclude negotiations before the end of the year.

RSCA president Roger Vanden Stock is satisfied with the vote for Marc Coucke and the embedding with the former shareholders:

“My father as well as Philippe Collin and myself have dedicated our lives to RSC Anderlecht and we received a lot in return, as far as results are concerned, but also when it comes to people.

I am proud of what we have accomplished over the years together with our players, youth, coaches, co-operators, volunteers and supporters.

To lead a club like RSCA brings a lot of responsibilities with it. I am convinced that the success of the club depends on two main things: forward-looking policy and stability of the management. In 110 years, this club has only known four presidents. During that century, however, the club has never stagnated. Both on the field and financially, as well as when it comes to people and infrastructure, we have always looked ahead. With the means at our disposal, we have always tried to train and purchase the best players.

The world, however, is evolving. New challenges await for RSCA. And like they say in French: ‘gouverner, c’est prévoir’, or to lead is to look ahead. As my father did before me, I wanted to pass on the lead on time, so that I was sure that RSCA would end up in good hands. In other words, in the hands of people who want the best for the club, who have a long-term vision and can offer the club the necessary stability.

That is why I am pleased with the decision of the Board of Directors to leave the club to Mr. Coucke, together with the shareholders that remain. Together, they offer the best guarantee of a successful future, in which RSC Anderlecht will be able to go for the best in Belgium and keep on playing a meaningful role in Europe as well.

The new majority/owners have convinced me that they genuinely care about the future of the club, its youth, its players, its co-operators and – definitely not without importance – its supporters. Both their vision as far as football and finances are concerned predict the best for the future.

I look back on the governing of the club by my father and my family with joy. But now it is time to pass on the throne, so RSC Anderlecht can remain RSC Anderlecht forever.”

The President and Mr. Coucke will talk to the media on Friday at 3 p.m.

The club and Mr. Coucke will not be available for comment until then.

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