"No problem if we win every match thanks to their goals"

On Sunday, RSC Anderlecht will go looking for its fifth win in a row against Club Bruges. Hein Vanhaezebrouck talked about the top game.

“We don’t feel a lot of pressure at the moment. We have started every match, even during the preparation period, to win it. We did well against difficult opponents and started the competition strongly. With 12 out of 12, we couldn’t have done any better. That lessens the pressure somewhat. It is of course still an important match, which everyone will follow. The players will be focused and will want to show themselves against a great team.”

At Anderlecht, Adrien Trebel is in top shape and Club captain Ruud Vormer also started the season well. “But Bruges-Anderlecht is not a match between two coaches, two players, or between the fans”, Vanhaezebrouck said. “It’s the total picture that counts, last year’s national champion and Anderlecht. The two greatest clubs in the country.”

With the exception of one goal, all of the Purple & White goals up until now have been scored by Ivan Santini and Landry Dimata. The coach is not bothered by that fact. “I am very pleased with how easy they are scoring. I don’t see it as a problem if we win every match thanks to their goals. The final result is what counts for me. Against Moeskroen, moreover, we showed that others are ready to score as well.”

Vanhaezebrouck also wanted to say a word about the open training of next Saturday (5 p.m.). “It will be a fifty-minute session with a lot of exercises with the ball. All of the fans are welcome. The more atmosphere we have in the preparation of the game, the better!”

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