"It is important to stay consistent"


On Sunday (18:30) RSC Anderlecht head to the Guldensporenstadion for the last day of the regular season. The coach prefaces Sunday's game against KV Kortrijk.

Kompany is preparing for the best version of KV Kortrijk. "We have already played against KVK twice this season. Once we won easily, the other match we had a hard time. Kortrijk is definitely capable of being dangerous and we have to be ready to catch them." 

The coach knows that the Champions' play-offs are a given provided a win, but feels no extra pressure. "I have the feeling that the boys are preparing for the match in an identical way to the other matches. We're not going to suddenly overemotionalize, it's important to stay mentally consistent." 

"All possible scenarios are still possible. But we are only looking at ourselves. We are only preparing to win in Kortrijk. We are again living towards the match as if it were a final", concluded Kompany.

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