"I want to see an eager team tomorrow"

In addition to the news on the take-over of RSC Anderlecht, there is also a competition match planned, tomorrow against KAS Eupen. Coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck talked to the press, although they wanted his opinion about the new Purple & White owner before discussing the game.

"I think that it is good for everyone to have some clarity about the future", Vanhaezebrouck stated. "The Vanden Stock family did an amazing job here. I think that the choice is a good one, because we are talking about a Belgian who has already proved his worth in football, but like everyone, I was only informed yesterday afternoon. Tomorrow, a press conference will take place at the club during which both the club and Marc Coucke will elaborate on this, so I can’t say much more about it. Everyone has their own task, and we have to focus on football now."

"We have to remind everyone of their duties and appeal to their sense of honour", the coach analysed. "At Charleroi, the circumstances were unfortunate, but we didn’t react strongly enough either. At Club Brugge, our first half was solid, but the second half we didn’t bring enough, to say the least. Especially in these tough moments, everyone has to think about the team and the person next to them. That has been and is the biggest problem up until now. It’s simple: against Eupen, I want to see a team eager to play and to win. More difficult moments will perhaps follow, but that’s when we have to show our eagerness. After losing twice in a row, a victory is in order. Since Claude Makelele arrived, they have taken far less goals against and they have been achieving good results against good teams. We will have to work hard and be eager to beat Eupen. I hope that the fans, despite the disappointing last few weeks, will keep on supporting the team. I hope that they will cheer us on, because we need our fans in order to get the team going again."

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