On Wednesday, Sporting plays its final match of 2023. It will welcome Cercle in yet again a sold-out Lotto Park. That’s why we say: Merci

2023 was a year full of emotion. Moments of awe after Dreyer's bomb against Villarreal, and shared hope after a quarter-final win against AZ. But also a year in which we cursed together at a disappointing end to the competition, and lifted our heads for a new season.

And you did not disappoint. Almost every home game in 2023 was packed to the rafters. The stadium revived, the Lotto Park trembled. The result: undefeated at home until today.

On Wednesday we say Merci and cheers to 2023. Together with Coca-Cola and Jupiler we will give a tournée générale. Everyone will receive a token upon arrival that you can exchange for beer or soft drinks up until kick-off. 

The Lotto Park will be bustling as usual during the last of 2023. Merci for that, and here's to 2024.

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