Who are the heroes of our RSCA Women?

Today is International Women's Day. A day where we want to put women and their achievements even more in the spotlight. On International Women's Day, the RSCA Women answered to one simple question: "Who is your hero?" 

'My mom, Zendaya or Nafi Thiam...' There are multiple answers. But one thing is for sure: everyone has someone who motivates us to achieve great things. And everyone can become a hero. 

Together with Telenet, RSC Anderlecht tries to give these heroines of tomorrow a platform. More Girls In Football. Girls who know what they stand for. And who are capable of huge achievements, on and off the pitch. From little girls with big dreams to women who inspire.

Find out here who are the heroes of our RSCA Women. And what about you, who is your hero? 

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