RSCA Women present Stellar


RSCA is proud to present Stellar. Stellar is a framework to develop women's football in Belgium and to discover upcoming talents. It is a collaboration between RSCA Women and 6 partner clubs throughout Belgium.

UPDATE 14/02

The first dates for the Stellar's open training sessions have been released. Find out more about it below. All girls born between 2010 and 2013 are welcome. RSC Anderlecht scouts will be on site to spot the best talents.


Women's football is getting bigger and bigger in Belgium. Less than a year ago, we reached a milestone of 50,000 players in ou country. However, there are still a number of challenges to make women's football more professional.

With the 2027 World Cup potentially being in Belgium, RSC Anderlecht is determined to be a part of this progress. Together with its partner Telenet, Sporting has been committed to women's football since 2021, notably through the slogan 'More Girls in Football'.

Since last season, RSCA Women have been undergoing a process to make the women's department more professional. A larger pro staff, training sessions during the day, a new framework for the academy, international friendlies, etc. And now, Stellar as well.

With Stellar, the RSCA Women structure is creating a network throughout Belgium to push forward the development of women's football and make the detection of talent easier. A number of concrete activities will be set up with the partner clubs.

  • Stellar Open Trainings: training sessions, open to every girl, on the partner clubs' basecamps in various key regions of Belgium
  • Stellar Clinics: workshops on RSCA Women's framework
  • Stellar Talent Teams: recruitment of the upcoming talents discovered during these training sessions

The word 'stellar' has two meanings in English. Firstly, it refers to anything to do with stars, referring to the 10th league title won by RSCA Women last season. And secondly, it defines something that is superior, that stands out from the rest by its excellence.

The first activations will take place at the end of February, beginning of March. The training sessions will be led by Farid Goreishvand, new member of the RSCA Women staff, well-known in women's football. Farid has over 15 years' experience, including coaching KV Mechelen.

Dave Mattheus, head coach RSCA Women: "The Stellar programme will play an active role in the development of women's football in Belgium and within RSCA. It's a win-win collaboration with our partner clubs. We're looking forward to get to work, and to discover tomorrow's talents thanks to this project."

Born between 2010 and 2013 and fancy to discover football or show off your talents at a Stellar training session? Click on the button below to stay informed of the dates and locations.

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