RSCA to start legal action against replay RSCA - KRC Genk


Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht has activated two procedures against the decision of the Disciplinary Council for Professional Football to have the match RSCA - KRC Genk replayed. The club will go to both the Evocation Commission and the CBAS, to obtain clarity and a final decision as soon as possible in the interest of Belgian football. This is the only way to guarantee the proper further functioning of the league and a proper start to the playoffs. 

"If we were to exhaust all our legal means, we could certainly drag the matter out until May. But then we would plunge the Jupiler Pro League further into chaos. The Belgian league has already lost enough esteem as it is because of this case. It remains our firm belief that an error by the referees should never lead to the replay of a game. If this decision of the Disciplinary Committee stands, it would open the door to a series of complaints that would seriously jeopardize the integrity of our leagues. So RSCA owes it to itself and to Belgian football in general to challenge this decision."

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