Croky Cup: RAAL 0-1 RSCA

This Tuesday, a cup match was scheduled for RSCA, with the move to La Louvière for the round of 16 finals. Brian Riemer brought in a completely new team for the occasion, with Zeno Debast as the only pawn left standing after the match against Leuven. He was given the captain's armband. Thomas Delaney was also in the starting line-up, he returned after his injury.

The first chance came for RSCA after fifteen minutes when Kristian Arnstad served Alexis Flips, whose shot did not surprise goalkeeper Mike Vanhamel. However, Benito Raman took advantage of a defensive error by the opponent shortly afterwards to open the scoring. As the half hour approached, Benito Raman's shot again narrowly missed the target. 0-1 into halftime.

At the restart, Thomas Delaney made way for young Tristan Degreef who made his official debut in the first team. Apart from a shot on target from Benito Raman, clear chances were few and far between at the start of the second half. The home team responded through Fadel Gobitaka, whose attempt clearly lacked power. Twenty minutes before the end, Kasper Dolberg, Thorgan Hazard and Killian Sardella came into the game. In injury time, Luca Monticelli was also able to make his debut for the first team. The score remained 0-1, RSCA qualified for the eighth finals.

RAAL La Louvière

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  • 31. Vanhamel
  • 3. Benoit
    (64' Liongola)
  • 4. Faye
  • 6. Pau
    (70' Vanzo)
  • 7. Gobitaka
    (86' Corneillie)
  • 9. Soumare ©
  • 13. Maisonneuve
  • 19. Kiankaulua
    (64' Van Camp)
  • 23. Ito
  • 33. Gueulette
    (86' Cenci)
  • 97. Calant

RSC Anderlecht

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  • 1. Dupé
  • 5. N’Diaye
  • 47. Lissens
  • 56. Debast ©
  • 22. Patris
    (72' Sardella)
  • 21. Diawara
  • 25. Delaney
    (46' Degreef)
  • 8. Flips
    (91' Monticelli)
  • 61. Arnstad
  • 9. Raman
    (72' Hazard)
  • 20. Vázquez
    (72' Dolberg)

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