Hannes Delcroix back on the pitch during friendly against PSV

On Wednesday, a friendly match was scheduled for the players without international obligations. At PSV Eindhoven's Philips Stadium, RSCA lost 2-0 to the Dutch number 3 in the Eredivisie. Hannes Delcroix made minutes again in a match for RSCA as part of an otherwise undrafted team:

  • Hendrik Van Crombrugge
    (46' Colin Coosemans)
  • Ishaq Abdulrazaq
  • Lucas Lissens
  • Hannes Delcroix
    (60' Amando Lapage)
  • Ilay Camara
  • Marco Kana
  • Lior Refaelov
    (70' David Hubert)
  • Théo Leoni
  • Henrik Bellman
  • Benito Raman
    (75' Alonzo Engwanda)
  • Nilson Angulo
    (60' Luca Monticelli)

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