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RSCA Podcast #09 - Thomas Delaney

Thomas Delaney

Thomas Delaney feels at home in Brussels. The experienced Dane speaks with Alex about life on and off the field after match day two in the Champions' Play-Offs. Episode 9 of the RSCA Podcast is about the little things in life, about the southern side of Brussels, about leadership and about so much more. Listen or watch now on Mauve TV.


RSCA Podcast #08 - Mats Rits

Mats Rits

After the first game in the Champions' Play-Offs, Mats Rits sits behind the microphone in episode 8 of the RSCA Podcast.

The defensive midfielder analyzes the victory against Antwerp, but also tempers the enthusiasm. He looks at the further course of the play-offs, and is already looking further ahead as well. An episode about the rollercoaster that is the play-offs, about his role on and off the field, and... about cycling.


RSCA Podcast #07 - Marie Minnaert

Marie Minnaert

Just before the topper against Club YLA (Brugge) at Lotto Park, Marie Minnaert is a guest in episode 7 of the RSCA Podcast. In it, on the eve of the play-offs, she talks about the professionalisation of the RSCA Women and the importance of the enthusiasm surrounding the match at the stadium, as well as her own track record and her new, three-year contract.


RSCA Podcast #06 - Yari Verschaeren

Yari Verschaeren

In the sixth episode of the RSCA Podcast, Yari Verschaeren analyzes the victory in the Brussels derby. A match with no fewer than five Made in Neerpede players at kick-off, and one in which Sporting presented itself in multiple tactical forms. Yari Verschaeren makes the analysis, looking back and forward. At already six seasons in mauve & white, and at the upcoming play-offs.


RSCA Podcast #05 - Killian Sardella

Killian Sardella

He only just returned from injury and is already performing at a high level. Killian Sardella is our ideal guest for the fifth episode of the RSCA Podcast. In this episode, 'Kiki' talks us through his trajectory that led from RWDM to Neerpede and eventually to the first team, but also about his sterling season so far and his 100th match coming up soon. A game he hopes to grace with his first goal for RSC Anderlecht.


RSCA Podcast #04 - Anders Dreyer

Anders Dreyer

In episode 04 of the RSCA Podcast, Gilles Mbiye-Beya analyzes the victory against Club Brugge with Anders Dreyer.

The Dane saw a goal disallowed in the first half, but managed to secure win in injury time with - again - a decisive assist. That brings him to 14 goals and 7 assists this season. Only Kévin Denkey does better in the league.

In episode 04 of the RSCA Podcast, Anders talks about his evolution as a player, the strong bond between the players, and his ambitions for the rest of the season.


RSCA Podcast #03 - Kasper Schmeichel

Kasper Schmeichel

When Kasper Schmeichel talks, you listen. Our experienced goalkeeper - with a title in the Premier League and just under 100 matches for the national team to his name - got into the studio with Alexandre after the match against STVV.

A match with two faces, which only turned after halftime. “During the break you come into the dressing room and see so much leadership and quality around you. Not only among the elderly, but also among the young.” And Schmeichel is full of praise for those young people. “Zeno, Theo, Mario… they have everything to become top players in world football.”

An episode about winning culture, about Sporting DNA and about his love for the homeland. Now on Mauve TV.


RSCA Podcast #02 - Mario Stroeykens

RSCA Podcast #02 - Mario Stroeykens

Mario Stroeykens joins us after the match at Charleroi. A match in which he was again involved in RSCA’s opening goal, illustrating his strong performances throughout the season so far.

In the second episode of the RSCA Podcast, Super Mario talks about his growth as a player and as a person, about his ideal position, but also about the AFCON and speaking Spanish with Vázquez.


RSCA Podcast #01 - Thorgan Hazard

RSCA Podcast #01 - Thorgan Hazard

In episode 1, Thorgan Hazard is Alex's guest in the studio to analyse the 0-1 win against KAA Gent. A match in which Thorgan saw the team start strongly, and in which he also enjoyed himself individually. "You can also see the crowd at Lotto Park likes that", he explains in the RSCA Podcast. 

The win against Gent came after some difficult games for the Mauves. With the previous week including the double confrontation against Union, in which Thorgan did manage to score for the first time. "The first one is always the hardest one to make", he says. "I'm convinced it’ll come easier now."