"We’re not playing automatically yet"

Hein Vanhaezebrouck talked to the press about Sunday’s clash against Standard at the training centre in Neerpede today.

"I don’t want to talk about the last game against Standard anymore", Vanhaezebrouck said about the tumultuous Cup game. "I am not going to say anything about my colleague. Standard might have a problem with Edmilson being suspended on Sunday, but I don’t have to think about any situation but my own. Adrien Trebel is returning to Sclessin for the first time, but I don’t think he will be very stressed."

"I find Standard to be a team that can play football, we don’t have to be negative about that", the coach stated. "In Zulte Waregem, for example, they should have won. We can’t minimalize what they can do, they have a lot of possibilities. We have to play our game and be ready for what to expect there. Standard - RSCA is always intense, so we have to be ready and have a reply. I enjoy the atmosphere there, but the players have to learn not to be bothered. When you have problems with the atmosphere at Sclessin as a player, then you don’t belong with RSCA. We have our ups and downs. That is typical of a team that is not where they should be yet. The strength of a top team is that things go automatically. When you feel that there are possibilities to replace players on all positions. We don’t have that yet."

Vanhaezebrouck also talked about the current selection. "I would like to have some reinforcements, because I think we need more players in the offensive department. When I saw the selection at my arrival, I noticed a huge imbalance. At a certain moment, there were five central strikers. Now we have a lot of players for the right wing, but not enough for the left wing. We are trying to correct this, but this needs time and investments. But okay, one big plus is that we can use our youth players quicker than expected."

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