RSCA imposes sanctions after incidents during RSCA - KRC Genk 

Last Sunday, one of our fan clubs celebrated their 10th anniversary. The club gave permission for a number of tifos that were shown in stands S1 and S2 at the start of the match. However, there were clear agreements that were breached when fireworks were set off in the first half. The match had to be interrupted and was resumed afterwards.

 The club has now discussed these actions with the members of this fan club and is taking the following sanctions: 

  • The club will take civil action against individuals that are identified for their involvement in this incident 
  • No more tifos, flags and megaphones will be allowed in the stands S1-S2 for the remainder of the season.
  • This fan club will be denied access to the stadium for the next home match.  

RSC Anderlecht would like to remind everyone that, in accordance with the Belgian football law, fireworks and other pyrotechnic material are prohibited in Belgian football stadiums. The incidents of the past few weeks have resulted in sanctions that have a severe financial and operational impact on the club. Any further incidents will lead to new measures.

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