9 live games on MAUVE TV


In July, there were 8 live matches scheduled on MAUVE TV, including 7 from the A team. In august we already have 9 matches to look forward too, including the UEFA Conference League matches of the first team and beautiful posters of the RSCA Futures, RSCA Women and RSCA Futsal.

  • RSCA Futures - Jong AJAX maandag 1 augustus om 18u
  • Paide Linnameeskond - RSC Anderlecht donderdag 4 augustus om 18u45
  • RSCA Women - AZ vrijdag 5 augustus om 18u
  • RSCA Futsal - AS Montigny vrijdag 5 augustus om 21u15
  • RSCA Women - PSV dinsdag 9 augustus om 15u
  • RSC Anderlecht - Paide Linnameeskond donderdag 11 augustus om 20u
  • RSCA Futsal - Sporting Paris Futsal vrijdag 12 augustus om 19u
  • [onder voorbehoud] Play-off heenwedstrijd UEFA Conference League 18 augustus
  • [onder voorbehoud] Play-off terugwedstrijd UEFA Conference League 25 augustus

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