BX-girls meet RSCA and Telenet employees on 'Job Inspiration Day’

About twenty players of BX Brussels who got some useful tips & tricks from female employees of RSC Anderlecht and Telenet: this was the first 'Job Inspiration Day' organised on Wednesday afternoon at Neerpede.

RSC Anderlecht, Telenet and BX Brussels have formed a strong trinity since the start of this season. With 'More Girls in Football', these three partners share a common goal. It's more than a simple credo, because also off the field the three partners join forces to involve girls in football, both in and outside Brussels.

A sporting career as a player or coach is far from the only option. That's what about 20 players of BX Brussels, all between 15 and 20 years old, discovered when they came to the offices of RSC Anderlecht in Neerpede on Wednesday afternoon for this 'Job Inspiration Day'.

Watch the video and register for the next Job Inspiration Day on the 27th of April in our stadium.

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