Sporting and FEFA join forces for Anderlecht's youngsters


Last season, RSC Anderlecht strengthened its cooperation with the non-profit association FEFA (le Football, les Études et la Famille à Anderlecht). FEFA helps and guides youngsters from the Cureghem neighbourhood during their school careers with the underlying, inspirational power of football and is thus a strong partner within Tous Mauves, the social programme of the club focussed on inclusion.

Tous Mauves

'Tous Mauves' is the inclusion programme through which RSCA aims to provide socially vulnerable young people (mainly aged 8 to 18) inside and outside Brussels with opportunities to discover and develop their talents. In order to accelerate and strengthen social inclusion. Within the programme, the focus is on 5 inclusion pillars: gender inclusion, digital inclusion, sports inclusion, professional inclusion and educational inclusion. 


The non-profit association FEFA (le Football, les Études et la Famille à Anderlecht) helps and guides young people from the Cureghem neighbourhood during their school careers with the underlying, inspirational power of football. Sports activities are combined with close monitoring of their school career and an accompanying psychosocial framework for the families.

In addition to the sports offer of weekly group training sessions with qualified coaches and matches for more than 15 youth teams, which they play in the official RSCA outfits, FEFA closely monitors the school results of its members thanks to pedagogical supervisors. More than 300 children and young people aged between 5 and 24 from the Cureghem neighbourhood in the heart of Anderlecht are thus personally and professionally supported through the project.

A richly filled programme 

RSC Anderlecht and FEFA established an ambitious annual programme to achieve their common goals within the sporting, professional and educational inclusion pillars. 

Numerous workshops took place throughout the season, which were brought together in an overarching 'Tous Mauves' Olympiad in May. For example, FEFA's young people had the chance to visit the Play Sports' studios and take part in activities to learn about the audiovisual sector. During a physiotherapy workshop, they discovered what the job of a physiotherapist entails at a professional football club. There was also a workshop on injury prevention, with concrete advise that they can apply themselves in their own teams. Finally, there was a workshop focusing on everything to do with the press, led by RSCA's press officer.

FEFA was also represented in large numbers on match days at Lotto Park on several occasions. Several youth teams were invited to matches, the highlight being the 'Tous Mauves' match in late December against KRC Genk. Those who came to Lotto Park during the Champions' Play-offs noticed it: the XL flags on the pitch. Here too, FEFA youngsters proudly wore the purple and white colours.

At the beginning of June, RSC Anderlecht and FEFA welcomed more than 100 youngsters from eight Anderlecht schools for a tournament between schools at the academy. The fourth- and fifth-graders from the FEFA partner schools competed against each other on the holy turf of Neerpede. The participants headed home satisfied and with a personal goodie bag.

Next season too, Sporting and FEFA aspire to an intensive cooperation in the framework of Tous Mauves with an ambitious programme, building on the successes of this football season.

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