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08/12 - Dream Big - ep. 05: Anas

Dream Big - ep. 05

The fifth episode of the Dream Big series is dedicated to Anas Tajaouart. The 18-year-old Brussels native spent his childhood between Molenbeek, where he grew up, and Neerpede. Anas is now a key element of the RSCA Futures' midfield and dreams of making his first steps in the first team.


01/12 - Dream Big - ep. 04: Terry

Dream Big - ep. 04

Terry Van de Ven stars in the fourth episode of Dream Big. The young striker, Made in Neerpede, currently plays for RSCA's U16s. Terry is a cold-blooded number 9, with Lukaku as role model and Nigeria in his blood. His dream? To make his debut for RSC Anderlecht, and to take part in a World Cup with Belgium.


24/11 - Dream Big - ep. 03: Michiel

Dream Big - ep. 03

Episode three tells the story of Michiel Haentjens, a promising goalkeeper who not only commutes between the U18, the Futures and the first team, but also between Neerpede, his boarding school and his final year of secondary school. Michiel combines a smart mind with good feet and strong hands. The prototype of a Neerpede goalkeeper.


9/11 - Dream Big - ep. 02: Alonzo & Nunzio

Dream Big - ep. 02

In episode two of Dream Big, you get to know the Engwandas. Alonzo, captain of the RSCA Futures, is teammates with his youngest brother Nunzio since the beginning of the season. Nunzio, only 15 years old, broke the record for the youngest professional debut ever in Belgian football earlier this year. An episode full of brotherly rivalry, love for basketball and the Mauves, and big dreams. 


2/11 - Dream Big - ep. 01: Tristan

Dream Big - ep. 01

In episode 1 of Dream Big, Tristan Degreef tells how he joined RSC Anderlecht as a young boy from Leuven, and suddenly got his chance to prove himself with the big boys only last year. Today, Tristan trains with the A-team, and hopes for playtime under head coach Brian Riemer.