RSCA Purple Cam


Purple Cam is a brand new concept where RSC Anderlecht supporter can make a unique photo of yourself, live in the stadium. Share this picture with your friends and win great prizes! You can use the Purple Cam during competition days via By using the Purple Cam you declare your agreement with the following conditions of use.


The Purple Cam is a product of, which is made available by RSC Anderlecht, thanks to its partners Sportizon and BNP Paribas Fortis.

Privacy & processing of personal data

BriziCam acts as the processor of the data. RSC Anderlecht, nor Sportizon, have direct access to the data. However, they can act as processors after explicit action.

When using the Purple Cam, the privacy and usage conditions of RSC Anderlecht apply, as can be found on In addition, the Purple Cam application only collects personal data when you share a photo via social media (Twitter / Facebook) and/or request your photo(s) to be emailed to you. This data is collected by BriziCam and includes the following data:

  • Your firstname and lastname
  • your e-mail address
  • Account ID of social network
  • Photos taken through the Purple Cam

This data is only used for statistical purposes and is in no way made public or used for marketing purposes. They are kept by BriziCam in the EU (AWS, Frankfurt). With the exemption of your photos, the collected personal data are also automatically removed from the systems of BriziCam at the latest 48 hours after sharing the photo via social media. However, BriziCam will continue to store your photo so that your photo will remain available online on the medium you have chosen.


The use of the Purple Cam is only allowed in the stadium and within a radius of 100 meters around the stadium. Photos taken from a different location may be removed from the BriziCam systems.

When you enter the stadium of RSC Anderlecht, you declare that you agree with the applicable rules regarding portrait rights and camera surveillance. To draw your attention to this, all signs at the entrances of the stadium will mention the use of the Purple Cam. RSC Anderlecht can in no way be held responsible for the possible consequences of a photo taken in the stadium by the Purple Cam. The attendee agrees that individuals not attending the event may be able to take photos of the attendees remotely using our fan camera application.


If you have any questions regarding the conditions for using the Purple Cam, you can contact RSC Anderlecht to our Data Privacy Officer - [email protected]