Season ticket holders don't need to buy a mini season ticket, the five home games in the play-offs are included in their formula already. Prices vary between €110 and €250.


The mini season tickets will be available for purchase only at the TICKETING stands. It will not be possible to buy them online or through telephone. Mini season tickets can be bought by mail, however. If you wish to do so, then send the following coordinates to [email protected]:

  • Personal coordinates (for every person to which name a mini season ticket is bought)
    • First and last name
    • Adress
    • Date of birth
  • Number of mini season tickets
    • Number of adults and number of children
    • Copy of every ID
    • You can buy one mini season ticket for each ID
  • Desired category and stand
    • Do send in multiple preferences, as your desired place may be sold out
    • E12 - Student rate: In order to purchase a mini season ticket at student's rate, do attach a copy of your student card 2017-2018.

After completing these steps, your reservation will be confirmed per email. Attached, you will find a document with all the required details to pay for your mini season ticket.