RSC Anderlecht is looking to cooperate with a motivated, pro-active, committed, enthusiastic individual to join our performance team in the role of physiotherapist.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assist with / provide indoor & outdoor rehab sessions
  • Provide stretching, massage and treatment, in cooperation with the medical team
  • Keep track of medical data and relate this to evidence-based medicine
  • Assist during training and games as and when required
  • Assist with preparing hydration strategies for players
  • Assist with individual and general prevention sessions
  • Effective communication with coaches and players
  • Assist with the organisation and periodization of rehab training
  • Prepare each players individual GPS & Heart Rate Monitors
  • Read and transform player performance data into individual performance reports
  • Assist with weekly readiness testing or RTP-protocol assessment
  • Desire to conduct research to contribute to the development of the sport science departments
  • Collect daily RPE scores

Competencies & Qualifications

  • Full time availability
  • Must have excellent communication skills and be dynamic, hardworking, punctual and enthusiastic
  • Must hold Bachelor & Master physiotherapy degree
  • Previous experience in (professional) sports is recommended
  • Previous experience in (professional) football is desirable
  • Previous experience with IT is recommended (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PowerBi - Tableau and IOS equivalents)
  • Masters (or higher) in Performance Analysis, Coaching or Sports Science related subject area is desirable


  • Dedication: willingness to go ‘all the way’ to get desired results
  • Team player: readiness to help different staff members with different backgrounds/responsibilities (performance, medical, video analysis, coaching staff)
  • Flexibility as the training schedule might be changing throughout the season
  • Take accountability for the tasks you get


  • Integration in a professional football staff
  • Insights in multi-disciplinary team approach
  • High-level experience
  • Game attendance
  • Possibility to start a long-term cooperation