Performance data analyst

RSC Anderlecht is looking to hire a motivated, pro-active, hard-working and enthusiastic individual to join our performance team as data analyst for physical, medical and nutritional matters.


Key Responsibility

  • Storage and analysis of the GPS and other physical data (First team & U21)
  • Preparing GPS units before training -- collecting GPS units after training
  • Installing live tracking system next to the pitch and be in contact with lead performance coach during training
  • Transferring training data after training
  • Prepare GPS report for lead performance coach in 30 min after training
  • Prepare GPS unites for the following training
  • Storage and analysis of the medical data (First team & U21)
  • Preparing weekly readiness report in 15min after readiness testing
  • Input of all the medical testing data
  • Preparing report of all the medical testing data
  • Take DXA-testing + input of data
  • Preparing report of the DXA-testing
  • Storage and analysis of the nutritional data (First team & U21)
  • Assisting in the implementation of a club wide performance plan
  • Preparing gym for weekly readiness testing
  • Preparing set-up gym and prevention session

Competencies & qualifications

  • Must hold a Bachelor or Master in physical education – physiotherapy – data science
  • Previous experience in (professional) sports is recommended
  • Previous experience in (professional) football is desirable
  • Previous experience with GPS systems like Catapult or stats is recommended
  • Previous experience with data storage and big data management is recommended
  • Good level of IT (Microsoft word, PowerPoint and IOS equivalents)
  • Very good understanding of Excel
  • Very good understanding of tools like Power BI – Tableau / equivalents
  • Must have excellent communication skills and be dynamic, hardworking, punctual, pro-active and enthusiastic
  • Desire to conduct research to contribute to the development of the sport science departments


  • Dedication: willingness to go ‘all the way’ to get desired results
  • Team player: readiness to help different staff members with different backgrounds/responsibilities (performance, medical, video analysis, coaching staff)
  • Flexibility as the training schedule might be changing throughout the season
  • Take accountability for the tasks you get


  • Integration in a professional football staff
  • Insights in multi-disciplinary team approach
  • High-level experience
  • Game attendance
  • Possibility to start a long-term cooperation