Match report

RSCA-KFC Verbroedering Geel 0-1 (10-11-2005 20:30)

Match report

RSC Anderlecht welcomes KFC Verbroedering Geel this Thursday evening 10 November 2005 as part of the 1/16th finals of the Belgian Cup. Vercauteren can't make an appeal to Juhasz, De Man and Serhat (national team), Proto and Vanden Borre are injured, Zitka takes place in the goal. Pujol is part of the starting eleven for the first time.

First Half

01' Match has started
04' Cross Pujol, Jestrovic heads to Mpenza but a defender of Geel is quicker and kicks the ball away. Baseggio with a long shot, Schurmans saves, corner for Sporting
05' Foul on Pujol, Goor with a free kick, Schurmans saves
08' Corner Geel, almost trouble but the ball is kicked away by an Anderlecht-defender, Farssi fires a long shot but the ball goes wide
15' Corner Anderlecht, Zewlakow places the ball next to the goal, Geel play their game well, Anderlecht isn't able to put the visitors under a lot of pressure
20' Pujol with a cross-shot that almost suprises Schurmans
24' Good long shot of Thiam, Daniel Zitka is attentive
30' Farssi with a cross but Thiam can't get to the ball and it goed wide
33' Farssi with a shot, Zitka saves
35' Caramazza with a shot, Zitka has the ball safely in his hands
45' Good action Pujol, he crosses to Jestrovic but the Serbian striker is offside
45' Half-time

Second Half

46' Match has started again, no changes with the home team at the start of the second period
49' Foul on Ehret, free kick Sporting but no danger
55' Foul on Jestrovic, another free kick for Sporting results in a corner
58' Deep ball Baseggio, Ehret crosses, Jestrovic tips over
60' Free kick Anderlecht after a foul of Geudens on Baseggio
68' Cross Zewlakow, Mpenza heads but wide
74' Shot Baseggio goes wide
75' Hasi out, Kompany in
77' Geel on the counter, cross Glouftsis, Caramazzo can't reach the center
85' Good action Pujol but his attempt is saved by Geel-keeper Schurmans
87' Jestrovic with a chance but he shoots wide
88' Good cross Ehret, Mpenza heads but in the hands of keeper Schurmans
90' 0-0 after 90 minutes of play, extra-time will have to be played

First Extra Time

90' Match is underway again
97' Glouftsis shoots the ball just over the goal, good chance for Geel !
98' Jestrovic alone for keeper Schurmans but the goalie saves
99' Pujol out, Vanderhaeghe in
105' End of first 15' of extra time

Second Extra Time

106' Baseggio out, Tiote in
110' Shot Goor, Schurmans puts in corner
112' Shot Vanderhaeghe in the arms of the Geel-goalkeeper
115' Free kick Geel, Ehret kicks the ball away
119' Shot Jestrovic hits the goalpost
No goals in the extra time, penalties will have to decide about tonight's winner ...


Zewlakow scores 1-0
Mellemans scores, 1-1
Mpenza scores, 2-1
Hegelmeers scores, 2-2
Vanderhaeghe scores, 3-2
Glouftsis scores, 3-3
Goor scores, 4-3
Vandeweyer scores, 4-4
Jestrovic scores, 5-4
Coomans scores, 5-5
Tioté misses, 5-5
Peeters scores, 5-6

RSC Anderlecht is beaten by Geel and the Cup-adventure of 2005-2006 ends in the 1/16th finals ...


Zitka, Deschacht, Zewlakow, Jestrovic, Mpenza, Baseggio (105' Tiote), Goor, Hasi (75' Kompany), Pujol (98' Vanderhaeghe), Ehret, Tihinen


Schurmans, Peeters, Vanhees, Dello, Mellemans, Geudens, Thiam (68' Glouftsis), Van Geele (84' Vandeweyer), Coomans, Caramazza (78' Hegelmeers), Farssi


Van Steenberghe, Vanderhaeghe, Kompany, Tiote


Olieslagers, Vandeweyer, Hegelmeers, Glouftsis


Delorge, Lovre, Traore, Vanden Borre


Yellow cards

40' Coomans, 56' Peeters , 61' Geudens




Didier Petitjean
Ketjes Club